The risks and impacts

Losing valuable items can be stressful and costly but it happens much more frequently than you may think. Thieves tend to focus on particular items, things that are small, valuable, easy to take and conceal. Possessions that tend to be at most risk are items such as:

  • MP3 players

  • Digital and video cameras

  • Laptop computers

  • Mobile phones

  • Power tools

Did you know that unidentified possessions that are found cannot be returned to their owners? Every year, police recover vast amounts of stolen property. Unfortunately very few people record any details of their possessions so are unable to prove that the items belong to them. In some cases, thieves are able to keep your items because the police are not able to prove that they don't in fact belong to someone else.

How Secure Sentinel helps

By attaching Secure Sentinel fraud deterrent labels to items, thieves are less likely to steal them. If you happen to lose an item, a member of the public simply needs to contact Secure Sentinel and we can help to facilitate its return to you.

Secure Sentinel members register the details of their possessions on our website, recording product type, model and serial number. Virtually any product that has a serial number can be registered. This information is often needed when speaking with police or making an insurance claim.

If a Secure Sentinel member discovers that they have lost an item or it has been stolen they should contact us immediately.

Secure Sentinel protection can be used on items including:

  • Televisions

  • DVD and Blu-Ray players

  • Audio equipment including stereos, iPods, MP3 players and radios

  • Computer equipment including monitors and printers

  • Cameras and related items such as lenses

  • Hobby equipment such as telescopes, binoculars or sewing machines

Practical ways to help protect your possessions

There are some very simple steps that you can take to help protect valuable possessions:

  • Do not leave possessions in the car. If you must, lock them out of sight. It only takes seconds for a thief to smash a window and take the items which means a broken window as well as stolen items.

  • Keep possessions such as MP3 players and cameras close to you when you take them out.

  • Don't leave items such as MP3 players and cameras on a table when you're at a café or restaurant as this presents an easy opportunity for thieves to grab them and run.

  • If you're staying at a hotel, use the safe to keep valuable possessions hidden away when you're not using them.

  • Make sure your home is secure to reduce the chance that thieves can break-in and steal your possessions. Consider a home alarm system and make sure to lock all doors and windows.